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Food Service Gloves

Choose food service gloves that keep you safe, clean, and comfortable whether you're prepping, serving, or packaging. Experience the perfect blend of safety, functionality, and comfort with UniSafe's disposable food service gloves. Our food prep gloves are designed for fast-paced kitchens, restaurants, and food manufacturers that demand the highest standards of dexterity, durability, and protection.

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Disposable Gloves For Cooking, Food Prep, and Serving

Our disposable cooking gloves are a chef's trusted ally in the kitchen. We offer a range of food-grade disposable gloves so that every culinary professional can find the perfect fit for their needs, from slicing and dicing to baking and grilling. From handling raw ingredients to cooking and serving, quality gloves keep food handling safe and hygienic in all kinds of facilities.

  • Restaurants and Cafés
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Fast Food Outlets and Food Trucks
  • Catering Services and Food Courts
  • Specialty Food Shops and Delis
  • Bakeries and Confectioneries
  • Dairies and Cheese Producers
  • Meat and Seafood Processing Facilities
  • Breweries and Distilleries
  • Packaging and Bottling Plants

Food Prep and Cooking Gloves

Our disposable cooking gloves can wisthstand the rigors of the most demanding kitchen environments with comfort, flexibility, and reliable protection. Nitrile and latex food prep gloves can have micro-textures and raised patterns for ultimate knife control and safety in slippery situations. 

The right food prep gloves also provide the flexibility and touch sensitivity needed to garnish plates precisely; perfect for handling raw meats, slicing fruits and vegetables, and mixing ingredients without leaving residue or affecting the flavor. 

Food Handling Gloves for Packaging and Serving

UniSafe Gloves offers several types of disposable gloves to ensure cost-effective safety and hygiene in all kinds of food processing. Assemble food products or package takeout orders swiftly with our easy-change vinyl gloves. Our disposable gloves are made from materials that meet food safety standards. They are ideal for serving, packaging, and ensuring that every dish or product you present is clean and professional. 

How to Shop For Your Best Food-Grade Glove

To select the best food-grade gloves for your kitchen or food processing facility, consider the unique demands of your food-handling tasks. Do you need latex cooking gloves for their elasticity, nitrile for their versatility, or vinyl for their affordability? 

UniSafe Gloves offers a variety of highly-rated food grade gloves in many thicknesses, colors, and sizes – each designed to meet specific needs in the kitchen and beyond. 

Nitrile Gloves For Cooking

Our food-grade nitrile gloves are a top choice for chefs and kitchen staff for their durability, dexterity, and grip in slippery conditions. These food-safe nitrile gloves resist punctures and tears, making them ideal for handling fatty, acidic, and spicy ingredients without irritation. When it's time to clean up, nitrile gloves offer superior chemical resistance to many common cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. Nitrile gloves are also made without natural rubber latex, making them a popular choice in food processing to avoid latex allergies. 

Latex Gloves For Cooking

Latex gloves for cooking have the natural flexibility and touch sensitivity needed for delicate tasks like decorating pastries, plating dishes, and preparing sushi. Latex can provide the second-skin feel that is essential for cooking and decorating tasks that require fine motor skills. UniSafe's latex cooking gloves are a go-to for food service workers who demand the highest level of precision, offering a snug fit and a sensitive surface.

Vinyl Gloves For Food Prep

Vinyl gloves for food prep are a practical option for light tasks that require frequent glove changes. Our food-safe vinyl gloves are a hygienic and cost-effective choice for many food service operations. Vinyl gloves may not be the safest choice for handling knives since they’re less grippy and less form-fitting than other types of disposable gloves like nitrile and latex. Instead, they are perfect for light tasks like sandwich assembly, salad tossing, processing grains, packaging food, and more where speed and cleanliness are most important.

Food Safe Gloves FAQs

Nitrile Glove FAQs

Are Nitrile Gloves Food Safe?

Absolutely, our food service nitrile gloves are designed for safe contact with food and are a preferred choice for their durability and resistance to oils and punctures, a great choice for the most demanding kitchen tasks.

Are Vinyl Gloves Food Safe?

Yes, vinyl food service gloves are suitable for handling food. Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for their ease of use and cost-effectiveness, especially in high-volume dining settings where quick glove changes are necessary.

Are Latex Gloves Food Safe?

Our latex food service gloves are food-safe and offer natural flexibility and a soft touch, making them ideal for various food-related tasks, except when latex allergies are a concern.

Can You Use Medical Gloves For Food Preparation?

Medical-grade gloves are safe for food service and offer the necessary protection and compliance with food safety regulations. However, gloves do not need to be medical-grade to be considered food-safe.

What Are The Best Gloves For Handling Meat?

While latex gloves are a good option, our food-grade nitrile gloves are the best choice for handling meat due to their durability and textured grip. Black chef gloves can also provide a discrete barrier to prevent cross-contamination and ensure food safety, whether you're butchering, slicing, or packaging meat products.