How To Measure Glove Size (Disposable Glove Size Chart)

Choosing the right disposable glove size, whether they're nitrile, latex, or vinyl, is key to getting the best performance. Properly sized gloves should fit snugly. They should allow for full dexterity and touch sensitivity, without being overly tight or loose. This size chart is intended for glove brands found on Simply measure your hand circumference and hand length and reference the chart below for your approximate fit. If hand circumference and hand length correspond to two differing sizes in the chart, simply choose the larger size to arrive at your correct size based on the measurements of your hand. 

Glove Size Chart

Disposable Glove Size Hand Circumference (inches) Hand Length*(Inches)
Small (S) 6-7 inches 6-6.5 inches
Medium (M) 7-8 inches 6.5-7.5 inches
Large (L) 8-9 inches 7.5-8.5 inches
Extra Large (XL) 9-10 inches 8.5-9.5 inches
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 10-11 inches 9.5 inches or greater

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How to Determine Glove Size

To determine your glove size, all you need to do is measure your hand and then reference the glove size chart below. Remember, this is only a guide; Personal preference plays a role in how you might want your gloves to fit. This guide is intended to help you find the fit most people would find comfortable.

How to Determine Glove Size

How to Measure Your Hand for Gloves

To measure your hand for gloves, you will need a string and/or a tape measure. Follow these steps to measure your hand accurately for the best possible glove fit.

1. Measure Around the Width of Your Hand

Wrap a tape measure or length of string around your hand at its widest point to find the circumference of your hand. Make sure not to include your thumb. Record this measurement in inches to determine your glove size in the next steps. 

 Measure Around the Width of Your Hand

2. Measure the Length of Your Hand

Measure from the base of your hand to the tip of your middle finger using a tape measure or string. Record this length in inches. 

Measure the Length of Your Hand

3. Compare the two measurements using the size charts provided above.

If for some reason one the circumference and length measurements result in two different sizes according to the charts choose the larger of the two sizes to get the most correct size glove for your hand. The purpose of this is to ensure the glove conforms to your hand but is not too tight. 

Example: Your hand width (circumference) measures 7.5 inches and your hand length measurement is 8.7 inches. Choose 8.7 as your measurement.. Your glove size, using the chart above, would be large. 

Alternative Method Using a Dollar Bill

If you don’t have a tape measure nearby, you can use a standard U.S. dollar bill to find your size with this reference. This will work for most people. Place your hand on the far right side of the dollar bill and gently press your hand to the bill. Take note of where the left side of your hand lines up to the reference photo above to find your approximate glove size. If on the border of a size, choose the larger size.

Alternative Method Using a Dollar Bill

How to Know if You Chose the Right Size Gloves

A well-fitting glove should feel like a second skin, snug but not constricting, allowing ease of movement and sensitivity. If a glove is too tight, it may tear or limit mobility; too loose, and it could slip off or hinder precision. Pay attention to how the glove conforms to your hand and fingers for indications of a good fit. Comfort is key. 

Nitrile Glove Sizes

Nitrile gloves should fit snug and comfortably, with delicate tactile sensitivity and robust protection. The right fit is essential for tasks requiring precision and grip. If you’re right in between sizes, we recommend opting for a larger size since nitrile gloves are not as naturally stretchy as latex gloves. 

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Latex Glove Sizes

Latex gloves should fit snugly like a second skin for superior dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Due to their natural softness and elasticity, latex gloves can accommodate a slightly smaller or larger hand. However, if you are in between sizes, we generally recommend choosing the larger size to ensure comfort without overstretching the material, which could compromise the glove's integrity and your dexterity.

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Vinyl Glove Sizes

Vinyl gloves typically fit more loosely compared to latex and nitrile gloves for easy donning and removal. Still, they should fit comfortably - snug but not tight, allowing for basic hand movement. Vinyl is less stretchy, so if you find yourself between sizes, it's usually best to go with the larger size. This ensures the gloves won't be too tight, which could limit mobility and increase the risk of tearing, while still providing adequate protection for tasks that don't require high tactile sensitivity.

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