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Discover professional-grade sanitation and cleaning gloves designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial cleaners, janitors, and sanitation workers. Shop for latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves and find reliable hand protection with UniSafe. Our protective cleaning gloves are durable and flexible for comfort that lasts.

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Durable, Disposable Gloves For Cleaning

Our durable disposable gloves are not just like ordinary medical gloves. These gloves for cleaning will last longer, saving you money while offering dependable protection against a wide range of challenges. From harsh industrial chemicals and solvents to everyday germs and biological contaminants, our gloves are tough  enough to handle hazardous waste and many abrasive materials. They’ll provide a steady grip whether you're dealing with greasy surfaces or just wiping out dust and allergens. No matter if you're working in wet or dry conditions, our gloves adapt so you can carry out your tasks with confidence and ease. Our goal is to make your disposable gloves buying decision easy with the best gloves meant for your work at the lowest prices on the internet.

Industrial Cleaning Gloves for Sanitation Workers

UniSafe Gloves specializes in durable cleaning gloves for janitors, sanitation workers, and all other kinds of professional cleaning work. These are not the same as your doctor’s gloves. Our tear-resistant disposable gloves provide reliable protection and a comfortable fit for the toughest cleaning jobs, ideal for sanitation workers dealing with hazardous waste, large-scale facility cleaning, and other challenging environments. 

Janitorial Gloves: Our janitorial gloves are quite literally engineered for versatility and durability, essential for a wide range of cleaning tasks in commercial and public spaces. They ensure comfort and efficiency in daily janitorial duties, from surface cleaning to deep cleaning operations. Our top picks here are Versaflex, TopGrip, or 5 MilGlove which offer all-around protection for everyday janitorial jobs. 

Light Cleaning: Gloves that are designed for light cleaning tasks prioritize cost. They are perfect for routine cleaning duties in offices, schools, kitchens, and healthcare facilities, where ease of donning is key. We recommend vinyl gloves like Reflex or ProGlove for light cleaning.

Fine Detailing: For cleaning intricate equipment or detailed workspaces, our latex and nitrile gloves offer unmatched dexterity and tactility, allowing for precise movements while still providing adequate protection. We recommend Gotham or Versaflex, both with high tactility and textured fingertips for control.

Heavy Duty Sanitation: Heavy-duty cleaning gloves can offer exceptional durability and a firm grip – with thicknesses and textures essential for handling heavy, slippery, or abrasive items safely and effectively. We recommend Copperhead or Black Python, heavy-duty 8 mil nitrile gloves with raised textures for grip. 

Waste Management: For safe and efficient handling of waste materials, our nitrile gloves are highly durable and resistant to many harsh chemicals and biohazards. We recommend Glovezilla, our heavy-duty, 2-ply nitrile gloves – or Rampage, extra thick latex gloves with extended wrist coverage. 

Choosing the Best Cleaning Gloves for Sanitation Work

When choosing disposable gloves for cleaning consider the risks of the task and any potential allergies or sensitivities. Shop for gloves that offer the right balance of protection, comfort, and flexibility for the cleaning job at hand.

  • White Cleaning Gloves: A clean and ultra-hygienic look in fine detailing; easiest to spot dirt.
  • Blue Cleaning Gloves: A traditional, functional look in commercial and industrial settings.
  • Black cleaning Gloves: Sleek, professional, and discreetly hides stains and dirt.
  • Long Cleaning Gloves: Extra wrist protection from splashes and hazardous materials.


Nitrile Cleaning Gloves

Nitrile gloves are a popular choice for cleaning purposes. They are made from synthetic rubber and provide excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for handling various cleaning agents. Nitrile rubber gloves are also puncture-resistant and offer a high level of protection against germs and bodily fluids. Additionally, they are a good alternative for individuals with latex allergies.

Latex Cleaning Gloves

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber and offer a snug fit, flexibility, and sensitivity, which can be advantageous for certain cleaning tasks. However, some people may experience allergic reactions when using latex sanitation gloves. If you or someone you know has a latex allergy, it's best to choose an alternative, such as nitrile or vinyl gloves.

Vinyl Cleaning Gloves

Vinyl gloves are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are an economical option for general cleaning tasks. They provide basic protection and are suitable for low-risk environments where durability and chemical resistance are not major concerns. However, disposable vinyl gloves are not as puncture-resistant as nitrile or latex gloves and may not provide the same level of dexterity or sensitivity.

FAQs on Gloves For Cleaners

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Are Nitrile Gloves Good for Cleaning?

Yes, nitrile gloves are excellent for various cleaning tasks in professional settings, providing strong chemical resistance and durability, making them suitable for both light and heavy-duty cleaning. They offer a comfortable, snug fit with good tactile sensitivity and options for textured grips.

Why Choose UniSafe Gloves for Disposable Industrial Cleaning Gloves?

We understand how important quality is for you and cater our products to fit your needs best. We carry only top-of-the-line nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves from well-known brands such as Pitbull, TopGrip, VersaFlex, Copperhead, Diamondback, Black Python, and more. Whether you need industrial-grade or medical-grade gloves or protective gloves for light or heavy-duty tasks, we have the perfect pair for you.

We serve businesses and government agencies big and small. We offer volume discounts and wholesale pricing to meet your needs. We are dedicated to giving you the cleaning gloves you need that punch above their weight; you’ll also get rapid shipping, and prices that will save you big money. It's not just about the gloves; this is a smart investment that keeps your hands protected AND your budget intact. Choose excellence that doesn't break the bank.