Goprene Powder Free Industrial Grade Neoprene Gloves, Case

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•Thickness: 7 mil
•Powder Free
•Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex
•Textured Fingertips for Better Wet or Dry Grip
•Industrial Grade - Non-Medical Use
•1000 Gloves, Packed in 10 Boxes of 100 Gloves
•Part# GP888

Available in sizes Medium and Large only.

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It's Not Nitrile, It's Not Latex, It's 100% Neoprene!

These gloves are a game changer. Goprene 7mil neoprene gloves are a type of rubber glove that seamlessly combines the best features of nitrile and latex gloves, offering unmatched comfort and durability for industrial users who need reliable and robust protection.

Why Choose Neoprene?

When you wear a neoprene glove, it feels like the perfect marriage of nitrile and latex. Nitrile gloves are renowned for their superior chemical resistance and durability, ideal for tough industrial tasks. Latex gloves, on the other hand, are prized for their exceptional flexibility and comfort, making them perfect for tasks that require precision and long wear. Goprene neoprene gloves offer the chemical and puncture resistance of nitrile, combined with the flexibility and comfort of latex, providing the best of both worlds. Plus, since they are not made with natural rubber latex they are a safe option for those with latex allergies.

Key Benefits:

  • Durable Protection: 7mil thick neoprene provides excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, and punctures.
  • Flexible, Snug Fit: Our neoprene gloves offer a flexible, snug fit that ensures all-day comfort and dexterity.
  • Ergonomic Design: These gloves reduce pressure points, minimizing hand fatigue which is good for musculoskeletal health.
  • Improved Productivity: Comfortable gloves allow you to work longer without discomfort, boosting productivity.
  • Consistent Use: The comfort encourages consistent use, clean hands, and significantly lowers the risk of hand injuries as workers are more likely to keep them on throughout the day.
  • Visibility and Safety: The vibrant green color ensures easy identification, reducing contamination risks and enhancing workplace safety.

What You Avoid:

  • Hand Fatigue: Ill-fitting gloves can cause hand fatigue and strain, reducing your efficiency and productivity.
  • Discomfort: Uncomfortable gloves lead to distractions and a constant need to adjust or remove them, impacting your focus and work quality.
  • Injury Risks: Wearing uncomfortable gloves increases the likelihood of removing them frequently, exposing your hands to potential hazards and injuries.
  • Health Issues: Prolonged use of uncomfortable gloves can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders and long-term health problems.

While highly desirable neoprene gloves are usually an exotic and costly glove choice, often priced between $250-$300 per case or blended with other materials to bring down the cost. However, thanks to our strategic sourcing we are thrilled to bring these high-quality 100% neoprene gloves to the masses, much like Henry Ford did with the automobile, making them affordable for everyone.

Upgrade your safety gear with our 7mil green neoprene gloves. Order now and experience superior protection and comfort for yourself!

Product Tech Sheets:
Material Neoprene
Thickness 7 mil
Length 9.5 inches
Type Non-sterile / Industrial Grade (Non-Medical Use)
Color Green
Glove Interior Powder Free
Glove Exterior Textured Surface
Shape Ambidextrous
Cuff Beaded
Usage Single Use Only
Quantity Per Box 100
Units Per Case 10
Total Quantity 1000
Part Number S - GP888S
M - GP888M
L - GP888L
XL - GP888XL
Other Information All Components are FDA Accepted for Food Contact
Recommended Uses Automotive, Aviation, Childcare, Cleaning, Food Service and Food Prep, General Purpose, Industrial, Janitorial, Manufacturing, Painting

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