Dental Gloves

Dentistry is definitely a hands-on profession. UniSafe Gloves range of medical-grade gloves has been carefully selected to meet the most common demands of the dental care industry. Our cost-effective collection offers the highest-quality nitrile, latex, and vinyl dental gloves, each with their own abilities to provide lasting protection, comfort, and dexterity.

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UniSafe’s Quality Dental Exam Gloves for Comfort and Dexterity

Dental offices must have disposable gloves with the tactile sensitivity suitable for their unique medical field and made of materials that ensure the safety of the dentists, hygienists, and patients. Our selection of quality dentist gloves offers highly rated, medical-grade hand protection from some of the largest manufacturers in the world and fit for any task in dental care. 

Some important features and benefits of our gloves are:

  • Powder-free, medical grade
  • Easy donning and removal from packaging
  • Snug fit (not too tight or loose)
  • Flexibility for ease of movement
  • Textured surface for a secure grip
  • Appropriate tactile sensitivity for a natural touch and to handle instruments
  • Leading durability to resist tears and punctures
  • Various thicknesses, colors, and sizes

Orthodontists and periodontists often prefer our thin nitrile or latex gloves for their maximized precision. Brands here include TopGrip GenX and Super-X. General dentists and dental hygienists often choose our versatile, all-purpose 4-5 mil range such as Versaflex for a balance of sensitivity and protection. UniSafe Gloves is proud to offer volume discounts on gloves for any type of dental facility. Let us save you money.

How to Choose the Best Disposable Dental Gloves

Choosing the right examination gloves is critical in dental clinics, and different types of gloves may be needed for routine examinations and surgical procedures. Material strength, flexibility, and allergenic properties all play a significant role in ensuring both patient safety and practitioner comfort. 

Size and Thickness

A perfect fit is key to dexterity and we know dexterity is key in the dental industry. Our gloves are designed with the proper and soft rubber compounds to conform to the contours of your hand for a secure fit that never compromises movement. The right glove size is critical for dental professionals: the gloves should be snug for dexterity and comfortable to avoid constriction. Small gloves have a shorter finger length than mediums, so if there's any doubt, choose a slightly larger size for the best ease of movement and comfort. 

Our glove thickness options range from ultra-thin for high tactile sensitivity to thicker variants for enhanced protection in high-risk environments. Generally speaking, a glove in the 4-5 mil thickness range provides the right all-around balance of protection and flexibility that most dental professionals look for, and these gloves are also generally less expensive. 

Material Choice and Powder-Free

Powder-free gloves minimize contamination risks, making them a safe and hygienic option for dental practices. FDA regulations no longer accept powdered gloves for medical purposes. FDA-approved gloves for dental work will be labeled as "exam," "examination," or "medical grade." Our FDA-approved disposable dental gloves are made with latex, nitrile, or vinyl. 

The best glove material for you will depend on your needs for balancing protection, dexterity, and touch sensitivity. Concerned about latex allergies? We stock nitrile and vinyl gloves that are not made with natural rubber latex.

Choosing Dental Gloves by Material

Each glove material in our dental range has been selected for its specific features, thicknesses, textures, and colors. Nitrile gloves offer a robust and versatile solution for various dental tasks. Latex gloves provide a second-skin feel and, like nitrile, can feature fine textures on the fingertips for a secure grip in precision work. Vinyl is another practice choice for patients or practitioners with latex sensitivities in quick, non-invasive procedures.

Dental Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile dental exam gloves are highly recommended for dental practices because of their comfort, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. Thinner variants are particularly well suited for delicate dental tasks. Nitrile gloves are also made without natural rubber latex, making them a safer choice for dental professionals and patients allergic to latex. This synthetic rubber can be made soft and flexible for the dental industry and with other exceptional properties and durability to make handling dental instruments safe and secure. We know you’ll be wearing gloves on your hands most of the day so comfort is very important.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves have long been favored in dental practices for their natural elasticity and sensitivity. They provide a snug, second-skin fit, essential for the precision required in dental procedures. While precautions around latex allergies must be taken, latex gloves remain a top choice for their inherent tactile sensitivity and ease of movement in detailed dental work. Their enduring popularity in dental practices is a tradition in comfort, functionality, and value.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are a popular choice in dental practices for quick-use, low-risk, non-invasive tasks like preliminary examinations, dental cleanings, and administrative duties. While vinyl gloves are typically not as snug-fitting or elastic as latex or nitrile dental gloves, they offer comfort and practical protection for routine patient interactions, equipment handling, and office hygiene maintenance.

FAQs on Gloves For Dentists

Latex Glove FAQs

Why is Wearing Dental Gloves Important?

Dentists, hygienists, and other dental professionals wear disposable gloves as critical PPE during routine cleanings, oral surgeries – and everything in between. Gloves maintain a hygienic environment and protect the patient and practitioner from viruses, bacteria, and the spread of infectious diseases during care and while handling contaminated instruments.

What Types of Gloves are Used by Dental Professionals?

Dental professionals wear powder-free disposable gloves that are FDA-approved for medical use and are typically made from nitrile, vinyl, or latex. Dental professionals may prefer nitrile or vinyl gloves to reduce the risk of allergic reactions from latex. Gloves that do not feature labels on their packaging such as 'exam,' 'examination,' or 'medical,' have not been proven to meet the necessary safety and quality standards for infection control in dental practices.

Why Choose UniSafe Gloves for Dental Exam Gloves?

At UniSafe Gloves, we understand how important quality is for you. We are dedicated to delivering the best nitrile gloves for dentistry with above-and-beyond service and fast shipping at competitive prices. We offer heavy-duty gloves for light and heavy-duty tasks in dental, orthodontic, oral surgery, and periodontal offices. We carry the best quality, medical-grade dental gloves from highly-rated brands like TopGrip, VersaFlex, Super-X, Diamondback, Reflex, and more.

Does UniSafe Gloves Offer Volume Discounts?

We know dental offices can use a high volume of gloves, so we proudly offer volume discounts and wholesale pricing to meet your needs. UniSafe Gloves' volume discounts make it worthwhile to purchase larger quantities at one time which both saves you money and ensures your supply lasts.