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Lightly Powdered Industrial Grade Latex Gloves, Case

Lightly Powdered Industrial Grade Latex Gloves, Case

Super-X Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves, Case

Super-X Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves, Case

Cyborg Powder Free Industrial Grade Latex Gloves, Case

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•Thickness: 5.5 mil
•Powder Free
•Textured for Better Wet or Dry Grip
•Industrial Grade - Non-Medical Use
1000 Gloves, Packed in 10 Boxes of 100 Gloves
•Part # CY500

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An All Around Great Offer

Industrial professionals everywhere recognize a great value when they use it, and these powder-free industrial grade latex gloves are no exception. They’re textured for a excellent grip under wet or dry conditions, because that’s what you expect from a good powder-free glove. However, the thing that really sets these gloves apart from all others in this category is their tried-and-tested fit and feel.

Don’t let the low price make you feel that you’re that you’re settling for less.  You’re still getting features that translate into a glove that delivers minimal hand fatigue and will be consistent from box to box.  Best of all, you know they come from the same source that supplies the world with the absolute best gloves on earth. So go ahead and get your hands on an excellent choice.


•Thickness: 5.5 mil
•9.5" Wrist-Covering Glove Length
•Beaded Cuff for Extra Strength
•Textured for Better Wet and Dry Grip
•Polymer coated for Easy Donning
•1000 Gloves Per Case, Packed in 10 Boxes of 100 Gloves
•Part # CY500 

Product Tech Sheets:
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Thickness 5.5 mil
Length 9.5 inches
Type Non-sterile / Industrial Grade (Non-Medical Use)
Color Natural
Glove Interior Powder Free
Glove Exterior Textured Surface
Shape Ambidextrous
Cuff Beaded
Usage Single Use Only
Quantity Per Box 100
Units Per Case 10
Total Quantity 1000
Part Number S - CY500S
M - CY500M
L - CY500L
XL - CY500XL
Other Information All Components are FDA Accepted for Food Contact
Recommended Uses Automotive, Childcare, Food Service, General Purpose, Industrial, Manufacturing

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